It was on September 30 that actor couple Gurmeet Choudhary and Debina Bonnerjee examined optimistic for Covid-19. The couple, together with Bonnerjee’s mother and father had been all examined optimistic, and have now recovered from it after a span of two weeks. Choudhary, who took to social media to announce the information of the household being examined unfavorable, says, “The last 14 days felt like it was 14 years of vanvas. It is actually tough. Debina and I had a lot of symptoms and we had thought that since we are so much into fitness and follow a strict diet, we would probably have no symptoms. The initial three to four days were difficult.” 

Bonnerjee, who says that she is “extremely happy” to have examined unfavorable now, is grateful that although her mother and father examined optimistic on the identical time, they had been each asymptomatic. “As Gurmeet and I were extremely unwell initially, we decided to get my parents tested as well and they were tested positive but were both asymptomatic. Hence, they looked much fitter than Gurmeet and I, and that feeling helped us mentally,” she says.

Choudhary, 36, admits that it is necessary to be mentally steady throughout this era. “There are quite a few medicines that was given. And we used to sleep for about 17 to 18 hours a day and you need to rest and sleep while recovering. Besides, mentally you feel a lot of pressure. You get to see a lot of negative news about the pandemic everywhere. It actually affects you mentally. But we kept ourselves motivated that we need to recover.”  

About experiencing a wierd sense of confusion throughout the remedy and the restoration, Bonnerjee says, “They say that there is a certain kind of brain fog that happens during coronavirus, and I showed all of those symptoms (laughs). I was talking and then the next day I would forget I said it. There is a certain level of confusion. When you are in the moment you don’t understand it, but when the confusion goes away in your brain, you realise that the action wasn’t normal.”

The couple are each grateful that they had been “all together” throughout this tough section. Speaking about it, Choudhary says, “It was definitely a boon to be with your loved ones. I was recently shooting in Jaipur (Rajasthan) for a film, and I was praying that I should not get Covid there. If it would have happened, then I would have been all alone there without my family or friends. Family thi saath me toh survive karr liya.” 

Ask them what have they got to say to people who find themselves not following the SOPs throughout the pandemic, and Bonnerjee says, “In India, people don’t see and learn, they face it and then learn. Jabb takk saare population ko nahi hojata and 20% population nahi rahega, tabb takk log nahi seekhenge. I cannot say anything else. It is extremely serious and I don’t understand why people cannot get it.”


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