“Personally, I am ashamed to say bahut maze aaye iss saal. The work has been good. People loved my work and I got recognition for my performances. I have not had a year like this, ”says Chandan Roy Sanyal.

He credit the social media for multiplication of his recognition. The actor admits that when his different tasks launched earlier, folks would say it is good however the form of love he acquired this yr was additionally due to social media developments. “Aashram became a mass loved project. I have had people from all over the world getting in touch for the show. They could relate to the story and director Prakash Jha is known for his social political thrillers, ”he says.

With fame, Sanyal is on a roll. The actor who rose to fame with filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj’s Kaminey (2009), additionally made information for his performances in net sequence together with Parchhayee (2019), Bhram (2019) and Kaali this yr. He reveals that this acclaim has translated into so much of work. “I have been reading some interesting scripts. In fact, I have 10-15 shows in the offing but it’s humanly not possible to do all. I will pick good stuff. I considered want to be swayed by adulation. This is not going to last forever. Tomorrow, some other project will take the nation by storm. I wanted to overeat and have indigestion in entertainment (laughs), ”he says.

He created a present referred to as In Between, with a bunch of theater actors throughout the lockdown which is one shot stay movie. They have carried out three reveals final month and is glad with the response. “I am trying to maintain a balance with the projects I choose from the commercial ones like Aashram and other projects that I do. I shot in the pandemic in July in Banaras and the city was so quite and empty. Talks are on for a few biggies in 2021 and I am glad that this year, OTT gave me the chance to be in the middle of the frame. Earlier, I would be on the side. That is exciting for me. I am looking forward, ”he concludes.

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