Sushant singh rajput‘S brother-in-law, Vishal Kirti, has supplied a rebuttal to feedback made by Rhea Chakraborty in her current interviews. Vishal, who’s married to Sushant’s sister Shweta, started with the disclaimer that he’s basing his opinions on conversations with different relations, and is just not talking on behalf of Sushant’s father.

Rhea, who has been accused of abetting Sushant’s suicide and misappropriating his funds, in a number of tv interviews earlier this week spoke for the primary time in regards to the case. Sushant died on June 14

Rejecting Rhea’s allegation that the household didn’t assist Sushant when his psychological well being declined, Vishal wrote in his blog That whereas he’s a ‘champion’ of psychological well being consciousness, he believes that within the case of Sushant’s loss of life, the angle is getting used as a ‘cover-up’. He defended his sisters-in-law, who in accordance with Rhea didn’t keep again on the resort the place all of them met, regardless of Sushant displaying worrying indicators. Vishal wrote, “The real story is that though Sushant got his and his sisters’ tickets booked for Chandigarh (since he wanted to go back with them), he ultimately succumbed to the blackmailing tactics of the conspirators and got his tickets canceled.”

He mentioned that the narrative modified after a drug angle was launched within the case. The Enforcement Directorate, in its investigations into the monetary features of the case, discovered there to be a drug facet as nicely. The Narcotics Control Bureau quickly launched its personal probe.

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Calling the concept that Sushant was smoking weed and not Rhea ‘hogwash’, Vishal wrote, “Even if we accept for a moment that it was Sushant who was doing it, what kind of partner procures drugs for their loved ones when the accused is accused that she has never done drugs in her life. It means one of the two things. Either the accused was pushing drugs on Sushant (proving the FIR charges) or it was the accused who was doing the drugs. ” Rhea in an interview to India Today had claimed that Sushant used to smoke marijuana, and that she was attempting her finest to get him to cease.

Rhea additionally claimed that Sushant’s relationship along with his father was at all times strained, and that they’d been met for 5 years earlier than she entered Sushant’s life. Vishal narrated a narrative that he claimed would discredit Rhea’s statements. He wrote, “The real story is that my father-in-law went to Delhi to live with Sushant and Priyanka Di while Sushant was attending a high school in Delhi and Priyanka Di was in college. To me, this is a sign of a father dedicated to his caring education. My wife was attending high school in the best school in Patna and my late mother-in-law stayed back in Patna so that my wife could finish her schooling. All I can see is middle class parents making sacrifices to expose their children to the best opportunities and as a matter of fact Sushant’s father was living with him and supporting him. ”

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