Drugs nexus, poisonous work surroundings, nepotism and extra – there are infinite discussions Bollywood has been grappling with over the previous few months. For actor Vardhan Puri, who is simply beginning out in the movie industry, all this has been fairly off placing.

“Focused very fond of films and cinema, and developed very proud to be a part of this fraternity. I just like to say that it gets very hard when people generalize and say, ‘Sab aise hi hain, har actor aisa hai’. I’m not the case, ”asserts Puri, including that similar to in every single place, there are good individuals and unhealthy individuals in Bollywood, too.

“There are people who represent the industry well, and some referring. Pointing fingers at the whole industry and saying ‘sab aise hain’ just breaks my heart, ”he maintains.

The actor, grandson of late actor Amrish Puri insists that the gross generalization is unfair and uncalled for particularly for somebody like him and his associates “who come from cultured homes and involving involved in any bad habits. We believed the wrong company and respect people and lead a life of spirituality ”.

Puri, who made his debut with Yeh Saali Aashiqui final 12 months, admits that after the current flip of occasions, he has realised that there are individuals who are hell bent on spoiling the name of the movie industry.

“There are miscreants who spoil the name of the industry. Another like plead to them that apni nahi sochni toh at least think of your family. Just abstain from all wrongs. Our film industry is a very sacred place and we do a good job at entertaining people and bringing joy to people. Let us all be very responsible, ”Puri urges.

The actor is presently taking pictures his subsequent challenge Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri’s The Last Show in Bhopal together with Anupam Kher and Satish Kaushik.

On whether or not he feels glad to be away from Mumbai at this level particularly with what is occurring, the actor says, “It would be insensitive to say that I’m glad to be away from all that because the matter is real.” But sure, anticipated an actor and entertainer and it is nice to be again on set. ”


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